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Requirements to Enter Your Youngster into a Beauty Competition?

A parent with a two year old child asked me the next question “What are the prerequisites to enter my baby into a pageant?”
Each director has their individual prerequisites. Usually the tyke and parent should be living with in a 60 mile radius of where the pageant is staged. The youngster that wins will symbolize the title by making appearances. The pageant director will normally try to schedule appearances in the regional area. Directors don’t want the parents driving time-consuming distances to fullfil the responsibility.
Make sure your child is committed in the right age division. It is not sporting for a two year old to compete against an eight year old. Sometimes you may wish to bump your child up to a higher age division. For example your youngster is two going on three and there are fewer contestants in the three year old section than the two- see if the director will let you bump your youngster up to the next division. Particularly if she is a big child.
But what if she is a small tyke? Well it may be better to hold her back or step her down into the younger age grouping.
Talk Over this with the director.
Email the director and send them a photograph of your youngster. Let them know you are interested in competing in that contest. Most directors will reach you right away with the submission forms and theme of the competition.
The theme of the Beauty Competition may shape the wardrobe prerequisites of the pageant. For example an Easter theme may ask for very formal dresses with luxuriant hats. So you need to have the appropriate outfit for your kid to succeed in the competition.
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